FEY: intro (part 2) / by The Black Lex Luthor

The second definition reads “marked by an otherworldly air or attitude”. Mysterious right? Someone like Jesus or Ghandi or Buddha would be fey. People that I have met along my little journey of living have suggested that I have an old soul. I gathered that this means that I am a little more learned and quite possibly a bit wiser than someone else of the same age. My attitude about life suggests this, and so I find that it serves me well. I don’t dare suggest that it has anything to do with my I.Q. or how many degrees I have. It isn’t even about what I have accomplished. It’s more about what God has done with opening my eyes to the Truth, and my ability to discern what is right and good. It is just one of my God given abilities, and I continue to cultivate it. It is not so otherworldly as it is having faith in God as it comes to the choices I make, whether they are good or bad. Once again, all Christians should have this characteristic.

Ha. The third definition is simply “crazy”. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I might seem a little crazy. This is not because I am out of my mind, but because I do things contrary to the status quo. Much like Jesus, we as His followers must exhibit godly characteristics that go beyond mere words and translate to action. His actions were often met with criticism and scorn. Many of his own people threw stones at him and spit upon him because he was stirring up controversy within their society. He told people that He was the Son of God. That didn’t just make people think he was crazy, it made them want him dead. He was hated and reviled by those who refused to understand his cause. Even now, Jesus is hated, but continues to work miracles through His Word. So when I pray in the Spirit or if I pray for a co-worker, some will find it unsettling because they are not used to being prayed upon. When I lay hands on someone and pray for healing, some will find that unusual as well. They may think I am crazy. This is to be expected, for the Lord said, “we will be hated” just as He was. We will experience something of the rejection and revulsion that He did, and will be hated for His namesake. That matters not to me. If I will be hated because I am thankful for what the Lord has done for me, if people think that I am crazy just because I love and have faith in my God, then so be it. I’ll be that. I’ll be crazy. I would rather be a little crazy than mostly lost.