Come Together / by The Black Lex Luthor

I use Wikipedia constantly; daily. The more I use it, the more useful it seems. Thinking on it today, as I searched about one thing to another, from hazing to Brainiac, it dawned on me: Wikipedia is much like the people of the planet, linked by common threads, like cultures and ideas.

For example, I tested my theory by choosing a random subject: Smallville. From Smallville I read on, clicking on one link after another, different highlighted words that carry you to other sections of Wikipedia. I jumped around to Seth Green, to Brainiac, to hazing. It did not go exactly as that, but my point is that each of these links inside their subjects can carry you to subjects completely beyond your first intention. Honestly, I get lost in the learning sometimes. But I am quite inquisitive and well read, with a ravenous hunger that Wikipedia feeds.

I am just saying that it is awesome to look at, how each subject is tied to another by some commonality. Much like we are, as people. We have friends that know of others, that know of someone famous. I mean, look at Myspace. It is a networking juggernaut that bridges the gap of distance and societal ideals. The internet itself, does this, so easily. I guess the world is not so big as we thought.

We are coming together once again, as it was in the past. People helping people, sharing thoughts and ideas toward a common bond and the need to be understood.

We will continue to come together, and hopefully for the better.