Titus (Taylor of Cahok') / by The Black Lex Luthor

I haven't talked to Titus in a long time. Man...

I was telling him about my recent dilemma and he was more than happy to offer a bit of insight. Seems that he had gone through a breakup as well, and he also commented on one of our mutual friends, Robert Rose, and how he was separated from his girl, who is now his wife. Rose was going crazy being away from her, his mind thinking a million things. He was in Kansas and she was Boston. It was tough for them for a time, but they made it.

Titus and I lived in the projects together. We both had single moms (at times) and we went to the same high school- played on the same football team. We both got out, too. He said that his mom is so proud of him that no one can say anything bad to her about him. Even though he admits to not having accomplished all he desired, he damn sure ain't ashamed of it. He's where a lot of folks wish to be.

Knowing that he has struggled too, makes me feel better. It was a surprise to have him call me after a random text..we don't talk everyday. He just wanted to be there for me 'cause he knew it's better to talk about things than internalize them. "Man, you hold all that shit inside and you'll just explode. Better talk to folks that been through the same stuff..." That's real talk.

I feel I'm just finding out who my friends are, and I feel good. I also know how to handle things in the future.