Digi Snacks / by The Black Lex Luthor

My boy RZA was in town to promote his new album "Digi Snacks", doing a show at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle. Most will recall RZA as a founding member of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan. He was also in the movie "American Gangster" and has done soundtrack work for movies such as "Ghost Dog".

My ears are still ringing! The show began with some very wack presentation from a group called The Saturday Knights. Solomon Childs came next, blazing with a few solo joints. He was soon followed by a new Wu affiliate group called Stone Mecca. They were amazing to say the least, reminding me of neo soul group The Brand New Heavies. Later, they backed up RZA instrumentally and with background vocals.

RZA sounded like he just jumped out of the CD and onto the stage. He did an assortment of songs from his new album as well as familiar verses from other collaborations like Gravediggaz.

Check out the pics. I was right up next to the stage!