Empowered / by The Black Lex Luthor

To be empowered is to be armed with the potential to be a fully actualized individual capable of being the best one can possibly be. I ain't a hustler. I ain't a vagrant. I am not exactly a scholar. But I am aware of my potential.

A client named Pat told me today that there is no such thing as the "right person" for anyone. There are only people willing to do the work. This is coming from a 60 year old dude who is Christian, with his own past issues with marriage. He and his wife have even been in counseling. He even said he had wanted to give up. He recently was injured at his job, and therefore lost it. He is currently attaining a bachelor's degree.

I am saying life is often jacked up, and we may have to take different routes to arrive at one destination, but we get there eventually. We have been empowered to be great individuals, if we only are bold enough to claim it.

God bless. Fight for what you want. Go to battle for what you believe. Take a stand against evil. Love God above all things.