Going Downtown / by The Black Lex Luthor

I spent the first part of the day getting my room in order. Too much crap, by God.

I had a scheduled assessment at the gym for 10am. I just made that, but it was worth it. I weighed in at 237, about 8 lbs less than my highest this year. My body fat is at 21%. I need to cut it to between 10 and 12%. He reiterated stuff I already know, like eating brown foods and avoiding the white. (visual clues for simple carbs and complex carbs) The Tosca Reno book was another suggestion, which I recall seeing at Christie's place.

He explained maximizing calorie burn by doing sets in pairs of fours. For example, 2 sets of lifts, an explosive set and a reactive set. The explosive set could be jumping jacks or explosive push ups. The reactive set could be core workouts, like sit ups. Keeps the body guessing. I alternated the 4 sets, doing pairs of one kind then the other. That was a hurter.

So downtown, 24 Hour Fitness. I found out I can drop 30 lbs in about three months. I say 2 or less. We will see.

Now I am watching Indiana Jones 4. I have a seminar to attend at 3:30 about making money in the travel industry in my spare time. Sounds promising, I guess.

God is gracious and merciful always. I thank him for my opportunities and my misgivings. I praise Him through good and bad.