I Never Win Anything, but... / by The Black Lex Luthor

Man. What an interestingly beautiful day. Wish I had taken some pictures! I went to this awesome restaurant called Ray's Boat House right on the waterfront in Ballard. Spectacular view! Everyone must go at least once if you live out here. Especially in the summer. Gorgeous.

I got a call from a girl named Amber from the Last Supper Club. Seems that she wanted to let me know that I had won a free cocktail party! What's even more awesome is she let me select the date I wanted to have it, and I chose next Friday, the day before my 31st birthday. I'm gonna try and invite as many folks as possible. Got some VIP going on, unlimited guests, no cover, special request songs...man, it's gonna be cool. First time ever having a party at a venue or club or anything similar.

Can't wait. I sent out a list to folks so they can come hang out. Should be a smashing good time.

The Last Supper Club
July 4th, 8:30pm, start. Gotta get there before 8:30pm to get in free, chumps!
It's in Pioneer Square, Seattle.