I'm Back / by The Black Lex Luthor

Why do we fall?

So that we may learn to pick ourselves up again. In that learning, applied to whatever circumstances that we may have dealt with, we become greater people. This is in theory, and if you align yourself with God. Some don't understand this concept, because they have given up.

Others, in picking themselves up, will put up a wall to all that lent them hurt. (I am surely guilty) But in the end, forgiveness is key in order to move beyond our hurt. God asks us to forgive, but to also protect our hearts. The context with which we deal with the aforementioned commands is crucial.

I am a forgiving soul. I hold no grudges. Beware of those grudges you hold, and how they could cripple the remainder of your life.

Time is short, and I've returned.

God bless.