The Inner Image / by The Black Lex Luthor

I gave myself over to meditation today, just to take the edge off of a seemingly endless barrage of work over the past few days. Tired and hot and sweaty...but I shouldn't complain, cuz it was 50 degrees outside just 3 weeks ago.

When meditating today I focused on my inner image and what I would like to become when the process is complete. I have to reconnect and focus all my energy so that I can rearrange the physical and align it with my mental...again.

This has been done before, but I don't think that I had the same wisdom I do now...well, of course I didn't.

In thinking on how I should be eating, how much, what, as well as when, I have come to a solution. I will, at all costs, get back down to my ideal weight of 205. It's gonna take some time, but it will be done. I have already seen it...and I believe it. Victory is all in the mind. And the mind is the sword, my friends.

Get a chance, take a look at my new blog I am working on with my friends, called "Ministry of Seven: Elements of God". Just a collaboration I feel is long overdue. A meeting of the minds.