Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain / by The Black Lex Luthor

Wow. The worst rainy day a week. I suppose I oughta get used to this crap, but that takes all the fun out of complaining. I did buy a new waterproof North Face jacket, which helps tremendously on days like this. I bought that joint while I was out marketing with Danny. I caught hell for it at the office, shopping on company time and all. But they really made light of it. It was kinda a big joke...but I "better not do it again."

I met two cool ass customers today. Steve was the first, a musician who hails from my corner of the planet, East St. Louis, IL. He asked where I was from, and when I told him, he laughed and said, "You're not from East St. Louis." I responded again, in jest, and he said, "I'm from Collinsville." Collinsville is right outside of East St. Louis, actually bordering it. I was excited, and gave him some dap. This guy is 57 years old, and said he came out here in 1980. What was interesting is that he left for the same reason I did: there is nothing back home. Even down to him calling his mother and telling her he wouldn't be back. I did the same thing. Damn, the world isn't as big as you might think. It's one big revolving door.

Steve plays guitar now. Seems that he used to work for Seattle, and eventually he quit to do his own art. That is a lot like what I want to do, dig? We talked about life in Seattle and what made it different from home. We have a lot of thoughts in common. He gave me one of his cards and said he would tell me about his next show. That was pretty awesome.

Then there was Pearl. Pearl is from Vancouver and her husband is from New York. She said it was a big adjustment driving around the city because the drivers aren't as aggressive in Vancouver. New York is also a faster pace compared to slow-down Seattle. That part was undeniable. I told her about my recent difficulties and she offered her advice. As young as she was, you would think twice about that, but she seemed very sincere and wise. I was amazed. She said something that touched me deeply: "Don't worry about everything else when you are falling apart. You have to take care of you to take care of everything else, and it will fall into place." Surely that's some wisdom for your ass, from a young girl no doubt.

After work I went and set up a new gym membership. The stupid gym has 12,000 members! It also has a saltwater pool, free aerobics classes and three floors. A big ass gym.
I am excited to be getting back on track. Lord knows I need it.

I'm out. God bless y'all. Even though it was rainy today, I got a bit of sunshine from good people.