Kweli!!! / by The Black Lex Luthor

The concert was on point! Showbox theatre was jumpin', and I was more than pleased with the atmosphere. Reminded me a lot of The Pageant in St. Louis. The stage was not as large, but it was ample room.

The show opened with Grayskul, from Rhymesayers records fam with acts like Atmosphere and Brother Ali. Dope skills.
Then we got hit with Common Market and some chick who could tapdance her ass off! There was another less memorable act, but it was still chilly chill.

Talib came out blazin', and hit us with songs like "Just to Get By" and "Eardrum" from his new album of the same name.

Gene rolled with me, and we had a great time! We gonna try to do it again on the 24th when the Rza is in town! Gonna be live, yo!