The Last Supper Club / by The Black Lex Luthor

Gene and I usually hit the town up on a regular, just to break the mundane routine, dig? We work pretty long hours and it's hard to unwind when you're tired most of the time. I guess all work and no play makes Jack a pretty dull kid, right. So it's been cool getting to hang out and make new friends, while not having to sacrifice any morals. Don't wanna lose my religion out there, right?

The joint was pretty packed and we were able to get in for free...seems that Gene always knows somebody in these places, and it turns out damn cool to grab a couple drinks and not be totally wasted trying to go home. I don't drink much at all.

The Last Supper is a split level club with bars on each floor, and 2 VIP lounges. We aren't exactly VIP, but we never pay either. There is techno/house mix up top and hip-hop below. It's cool to watch folks wild out and have fun. Last night this girl Gene knew just passed out in the street. Needless to say she was lit up like a Christmas tree. The girl was gone, and I said, "Dude, ya girl just passed out in the street!", to which Gene replied, "She's just like that. She does it all time." made me laugh when he told me he had take her to the hospital before. Brutality.

We don't get rowdy. We are some tax paying citizens having fun in the community.

EPMD (Eugene Pieterson, Marcelle Dionne)...We are about customer service, whenever, wherever.