Ministry: the Beginning? / by The Black Lex Luthor

Ultimately the goal should be the betterment of self.

Don't know how many times I've went over this one, but it remains one of my foremost plans of attack. I am starting anew, putting the Lord first because in order to care for a family (when that all comes around) I have to be strong enough to hold everyone else together. I'm glad I got myself right, cause I didn't wanna turn into my uncle...

I am so happy though. I am so hopeful for the future and all the things that will happen. I just decided to start a new blog called "Ministry of Seven", which I will coordinate writing duties with my best friends. The point of this blog will be to create discourse between Christians who are experiencing troubles in their lives that they feel they can't deal with. I know I would have loved some help like this, and I know that my friends and I are very experienced in the hardship department. We all have so much to testify about, that I feel we can give many people so much hope.

I want to try and offer guidance to those that need. This ministry will be comprised of seven individuals that will be the "main" bloggers, but will invite discourse with others. I hope we can get people that will want to be interviewed about their faith and also give testimonials for those people who are not Christians...

I am excited, and I hope this will work out well. It has some potential...great potential.

God bless you all. Thanks for the blessings and support.