Mustard Seed Faith / by The Black Lex Luthor

Let me just preface this by saying that no one deserves the goodness of God. It is by His grace and mercy that we are even allowed to live and breath. He is a just God, but he does not have to be fair. That said, let me testify about his mercy.

Last night, I was just thinking about how awful it was that I hadn't found a place yet, and I had seen at least 5 places by now. I decided I would check Craig's list once more before I got out. There were two rooms that caught my eye: one in Wedgwood, the other closer to the heart of Seattle. I emailed each hoping that I would get a response by Monday. I don't know much about Seattle, but I thought any place could be fine.

Before this had even come up, I had been hoping I could live close to a church or at least be able to attend one that I liked. I wasn't going to worry, 'cause I have enough on my plate, but I knew that would be nice for me.

Anyway, I sent the emails, not expecting a thing. Thirty minutes later I get a call from this lady about the place in Wedgwood. She sounded older, but she was also very nice, and an artist to boot. I felt comfortable with that, and I agreed to go and see the place the following day at 1.

I had not had much luck with this, and I was not liking the fact I would have to stay with KMad for a while until I found something. I packed up in the morning, and said my goodbyes, dreading the haul and the displacement. I was just not eager.

On my way to the place I began to feel anxious, looking for an exit that said "Lake City Way". It sounded familiar but I couldn't get it to click. I found my way to the exit, still confused, but more comfortable now I had found it. I followed it down to 95th amd saw a familiar sign, so familiar that my whole demeanor changed. Right then I knew it was fated for me to be here. The sign said "Mars Hill Church".

It was all I needed. The room was mine before I even stepped in. Bonnie, my landlord, is quite fond of art and her two dogs are well behaved. She showed me around and it just seemed right. So very right. My room has a view of Lake Washington, which is sweet. It has plenty of room for me. We closed the deal with a handshake.

The church is within walking distance. The ironic thing is that Christie's sister and here husband attend the church. I have been there a couple times before, and I really enjoyed the teachings. I will ask to get my Sunday mornings off so I can attend.

That right there you can't even make up. That is what is so amazing. Don't tell me what God can't do, man. That's real. I called my dad, in tears and just ecstatic to testify on how good God is. He was overjoyed. It was good to hear that he was proud of me for being a good son. More importantly, he expressed that just a little trust, a little faith in God, goes a long way. Mustard seed faith, it's called. Yeah man. This is so exciting! God moves! You can't tell me God don't exist. He is alive and real!