New Paths, New Decisions / by The Black Lex Luthor

By following the same beliefs and making the same decisions, one wears Life's path into a circular rut, going nowhere, accomplishing nothing, making no progress. With God's help, though, we can turn a sharp corner in the circle and achieve enlightenment.
-The Cant of the Shariat, Sandworms of Dune

This is what I was worried about in the first place. Even before I got out here, I told myself that I can't repeat the same mistakes, and here I am...

God will make us see the light though. Often we think that God will not be active in our lives, and that he watches us only. Nope. God is living and he ACTS! He will push us towards the right direction, and aid us in making decisions. Although we fancy that we do these things of ourselves, sometimes we are lead towards certain paths...

If you don't believe, think on it a little. You may be surprised what you come up with.
Change your game up, and look for different ways to answer the same questions.