Power / by The Black Lex Luthor

Right now the power is out, and I see this as a metaphor for my life.

Power comes in many ways; money, influence, fear. These of course are false types of power. That kind of power will always fail, leading to disappointment and pain.

Real power comes in the ability to view a situation objectively, so that victory and failure become imposters: two sides of the same coin. God knows that even in defeat there is victory and vice versa.

Though I stumble, man watch me become greater than ever. I still see with the same eyes, yet my view has changed. Nothing will keep me from my goal.

People don't know the strength I wield. Even I am in awe of it. It comes though. It comes bursting forth like water through a ruptured dam. God be praised.

I am looking forward to church on Sunday. I am going to join and offer my help in any way I can. I have to attend the 5pm service but that's alright. God be praised.

The power is out in my immediate vicinity, but the power within burns bright like a lighthouse beacon. Let the path be made clear to reveal God's steps. Thank you, Lord.

Prayers go out to my family and friends. Thank you as well. You know I suffer out here alone, but you are with me. Thanks for being there when I call.