The Sword / by The Black Lex Luthor

Long ago, people thought of places and things as sacred and pure. They believed that there was such a thing as honor and fought hard to protect it. Today it is much the opposite, where there is no shame at in all in the things we do. This is sad, for I have heard somewhere that if shame does not exist in the people then the people will do anything and everything that is dishonorable.

I yearn for honor and for discipline, and I suppose I am not as successful as I would like to be at either one. Yet, I strive. A few days ago I purchased an authentic samurai sword. The reason being that I wanted to have something that felt sacred to me, so that I can show the Lord my faith. It is but a symbol; an extension of the same sword I hold in my mind...sort of the physical representation.

The mind is the sword. I believe this means that the mind is the most potent of weapons, and must be sharpened in the conflicts of life. Visualize the sword in your own mind, and be filled with strength and determination!