Wanted / by The Black Lex Luthor

I watched the movie "Wanted" last night and it left me in sort of a daze. It was an interesting movie cause it really made you think about how you really live life: as a sheep, doing things as you are told, just to get by or as a wolf, taking control of your own destiny.

The antagonist was asked repeatedly "Why are you here?", and uncertain answers got a well placed ass kicking. He finally answered, "Because I don't know who I am." interestingly enough, there are not enough of us who question who we really are.

Are we all making the best of what we have, are do we blow it all on mediocrity? I believe that the world is a lot more exclusive than otherwise assumed, because so few reach their full potential. I refuse, though. I refuse to be anything less than the greatest of men, the best of all I muster. I will not cower, and I will not tarry.

We all find the path, but who will follow it to its end?

God be praised.

Marcelle Ward