A Wonderful War / by The Black Lex Luthor

One would think it could be the change that makes a difference, but changes don't discern the connection with the Almighty. Peep game...

I walked roads long, dirt and dust catching in the fibers of my shoestrings, meaning to find a piece of me that had never been lost.

I changed how I began, thought about the end, doubled back on my tracks and turned around again.

I woke my spirit and questioned His Name, I fought a war within without knowing the feeling of shame.

I am the loss, I am the gain, I am the sun, I am the rain.

I walked before I became, behind the age of my mind I found the past and present the same, two sides, two planes, one goal, one game.

I am a stranger that could not recall his name, asking other men what he should already know. The blind warrior wandering. A fine man wondering. A design for a wonderful war in man.