The 4th and the 5th Day / by The Black Lex Luthor

Block parties. Fireworks. New friends. Man, it was a good time had all 'round. My buddy Eric from work let me chill out his barbecue with some of his pals. Met a lot of folks into the same music I am, folks that even know about cats like MF DOOM and The Cunninglynguists. I was really excited to know that people even knew about the music I like and related. Hell, Eric knows every group I listen to and more. I have always wanted to share that aspect of myself with others. That's cool ish right there, dig?

Fireworks were off the heezy, and we got a chance to see it right from the top of a houseboat near the launch barge (or whatever). It was like a front row seat. They were spectacular this year, and I recalled The Fair St. Louis from my childhood. Amazing the wondrous things I have seen in 31 years. So much beauty in the world...I hope to see much more.

It is my birthday, and I just wanna thank God for another glorious year. Regardless of what happens, I'm tight. I'm steadily growing and becoming. Never burdened by my past, I was more concerned about the future and present. I had no quarrels with grudges. Now I am the catalyst for change and my future is in my hands. My present state is magnificent. Becoming who God wants me to be. "Be" is future tense. But "I am" is the present. "I am" who God wants me to be right now, but I will "be" even greater later on. We are always becoming. The process does not stop until death.

I am Marcelle Ward and my mind is the sword.