Jesse Jackson / by The Black Lex Luthor

For I said I would live my life for the Lord, and I know I skirt the lines sometimes, for righteous is narrow, and sin is wide, most times I'm playing outside the lines.

These days it ain't easy to see the truth, when it's shrouded in mystery. I can't say that I even know what it all means, or if it is supposed to mean a thing, but I call on a higher power.

I try to live like I should, and I know that I have made plenty of living like I shouldn't. This is a good time to reflect on what I do have. My fortune, and my failure, sides of the same coin, both revealed to bring a bit of strength to the soul. It's good to see it as it is and I am not going to be criticized or ridiculed for believing that I am somebody, like that man Jesse Jackson. Believing that I am something, someone, larger than my life. I serve a greater power, and that makes my ambition greater still.

Today was tiring, and now I just wanna kick back and read.
I think I wanna finish this book now...I believe I have a whole lot to talk about.