...It's Where Ya @ / by The Black Lex Luthor

"In my mind is the place where I make my plans,
In the world is the place I take my stand
The beauty of life is mine today
They cannot take my mind away."
-dead prez

I love that quote, and I felt it befitting for today. God is exceptional and a great architect, and he has made the world so beautiful that it is sometimes too much to bear. I used to think about how ugly things were where I am from, but there is beauty to be found wherever you go. You can allow your mind to roam free and permit all the troubles to fall away.

They say "it ain't where ya from, it's where ya at." True, for we must make the best of our situations in order to have the best lives possible. I continue to make strides in my life toward my goals. When I finally get to Vancouver, I hope to have a handle on it all. But I am here now, and I must make it all work for the better.

Today was gorgeous. I took a walk around the waterfront and downtown, just absorbing the goodness of God's grace. I am blessed, and I am highly favored. There are some pics for you to enjoy, contemplate, etc.

God bless.