Random Stuff / by The Black Lex Luthor

While the world is sleeping, Marcelle is still awake...

Caught the head of the world, the world on my shoulders
holding up the corners while y'all hearts grow colder
I'm a rover, of land, sea and air and all cities
committed to legit entreaties for your pity...

Nawl...ain't got it right now, but I'll save some for later. Been kinda off kilter these past few days. God tellin' ya boy remain patient, and for goodness sake, TRUST in HIM! I do, but sometimes it's so doggone hard to get a hold. Fightin' the devil everyday is something I was built for...I must win. I'm gettin' the feeling that the demons that chase me chase us all, and I'm not any different than anyone else, ya know? It's so cool that I can't think of anything that would make me happier than to walk around with the knowledge in my head that "we are our own worst enemies". That's some food for your noggin right there. You are what's holding you back...feel me?

I had a real bad night last night, but I made up for it today...ahhh, birthday parties. Gotta love them joints.