What Lies Beneath... / by The Black Lex Luthor

"You're just like a monkey...like a monkey with a cell phone you have no idea what's right in front of you."
- Dr. Sjit, Sudden Gravity: A Tale of the Panopticon

I wonder what folks think of me when they first meet me. I wonder if I am at all the type to leave a lasting impression. Do people think I am memorable? Or could I be forgotten just as easily as a morning piss?

The people you meet, they are much more than that surface meeting. I have become increasingly interested in what lies beneath all of that. What lives do they lead? What dreams do they hold? Are they much different than I?

I've met a few people lately that hold similar ideas and have like beliefs, even folks that listen to the same music as I do, which is crazy rare. I watch, and I learn people. I like to see if I can understand what they may be going through. Once again this is speculation, but with all I have been through, I know people have so much more interesting history behind the initial handshake.

I am much more than meets my surface, and that's why I have longed to understand who I am to the fullest extent. How can I say that I am Marcelle Ward, if I can't pierce the veil of fear that holds us all back from becoming? I have said it once before, but I am the man I am supposed to be right now. I will become even greater in the future.

Do people look at me the same way, wondering what lies behind the shirt and tie? Can they even fathom what is right in front of them?

Or would most rather not think of it at all, closing their minds to the possibility of something beyond their own shallow lives?

The mind is the sword. Wield it as a weapon, protect it and keep it sacred.