The Mind is Maya / by The Black Lex Luthor

"Not that it matters, but...yes."

What is the true reality of who we are? Are we each just the struggles that we are permitted to surmount? Are we the experiences that swell and swarm about us? Are we the days that fly past, so harsh and wonderful in their unyielding fortitude?

Maybe we are the ghosts of our real selves, perpetuating the cycle of inane choices are futile efforts to fill a hole that is bottomless. In all likelihood, I will never be enlightened. Just yesterday I spoke to my mother about getting colored contact lenses and braces. I told her that I recognized my ego at the forefront of these choices. I understand that the "real" Marcelle should have neither wants or needs. He should not care what someone thinks of his clothing, or about the car he doesn't have. He should only care about his link with God Almighty. But it is never that simple is it?

The Ego is an awesome thing. It is like a vast veil that covers the hidden secret of our spirit and the divine beauty of the world. It is a beast that we feed daily, hoping to quell its scream, to silence all needs so that we may feel at ease with who and what we are. Nothing is that simple though. Even to find the real you, it will take excessive faith and patience.

When you are out shopping next time, and you see those new Jordans or some nice outfit or even food, ask yourself "Do I really need this?"

Not that it matters, but I hope you all see through the mist that so thoroughly blinds us all.