These Bastards... / by The Black Lex Luthor

Surely you jest, insisting my own perception is flawed, when you dabble in forecasting the changes in lives of have possibly lost your mind, pseudo-intellectual fool, fancying your theological degree like a rare gem, when it is nothing but coal in a Christmas stocking. Bastard you, your lofty idealism is laughable, toting a Bible underarm and hypocritical concepts of life and love. People like you make me wanna puke up my own moral fortitude and give it to you in a cup so you can taste the difference.

You bastards, abandon a man at his lowest point, choosing sides like pain is not universal, like sorrow is not heart felt. I would have to be honest and say you sicken me. All of you, false friends that didn't even care what I was going through, but you were there for your girl. I commend you for being true to your nature.