I am Life. / by The Black Lex Luthor

There are a lot of mistakes to recount. A lot of missteps to measure. Yet the great thing about life is that I don't have to dwell on anything. I can just be Marcelle. I don't have to worry, cause God got me. Everything he puts in my path is specifically meant for my spiritual advancement. So I no longer have to be the ghost of my true self: life and I are one.

In my next book I will be able to go into detail about all of this. I will be able to expound upon the poetry and deliver an understanding of what I am: positively and negatively. I will note how the ego is prevalent in much of what we all do and say...but it will not be the theme of the book. The theme is growth and awareness and advancement despite of the challenges we face and the way we grew up. Despite our environment or our belief system.

Read up on the book, "A New Earth". It should open a lot of eyes and help change lives. It helped me see a broader spectrum, and the truth behind my actions.