Underestimated / by The Black Lex Luthor

Maybe it's difficult to understand our capacity to underestimate ourselves. Socially we have come to accept the limitations imposed upon us. We dress up in suits and trudge through our 9 to 5 with tunnelvision, just blind enough to miss the life that surrounds us.

I have decided to give myself time to establish a body of work and develop some essential writing skills that will give me perspective. I need to know the true scope of the vision I have for myself. Even as my purpose unfolds, I know that many people think that they have this singular goal for their lives that will define them and make their lives meaningful...alas, you will be disappointed.

You are inside the meaning. Here and now you serve your purpose by just being. It is when you live in the past that you lose that definition, and become spiritually stagnant. Your past is dead, and to feed on it means death to your spirit.

In my book, I do expound upon this much more, but this is just a bit to push you along and keep things in perspective. Do not underestimate your value and power to become the meaning...