Freedom to Dream / by The Black Lex Luthor

I am about to free myself. Gonna put myself in a hole, a dark cavern of
sightless songs to witness the flight of an eagle before im all gone and
used up. I seek release and freedom is the spark, the arrow, the reason
to embark upon a path to dream, again.

I am going to set my shoulders with a pair of wings and call myself away
from the earthen walk and follow the message in the clouds. I will
gather nothing and want for less, so I won't have to miss a thing. Call
it an ascent, a skyward gaze from a pit of disastrous change, coughing
its sickness.

I am about culture advanced, a subtle dance that lacks form but is
masterful in grace. Freedom in the mind makes for teaching the untaught,
having patience to gift another and perfect love. I am seeing freedom in
my hands holding a phone texting a blog to an unsuspecting few that will
be blessed...
Marcelle D. Ward