The Life of Choices / by The Black Lex Luthor

Making the right choices in life can often be a confusing thing. Seems
we have so many distractions and influences that even a simple decision
as to what to eat might become a tad frustrating. How do we know what
decisions are the right ones? How can we be sure that we are making
monumental mistakes?

Checking our choices and lining them up with God's word will eliminate
that frustration. Will the decision harm anyone? Can you be sure that
you can tell people you love and it will be in agreement with them?
Asking questions like these will help. I can definitely say that I have
made many mistakes, and I like to take risks. Yet, often they have been
decisions that God and my family would disagree with.

It's okay to make mistakes, because that's how we learn. Mistakes don't
have to be repeated, though. Take time and be thorough with what you
decide, especially if you know it will influence others. Consult the
Bible and line everything up with what's good and true, and you may be
on your way to happier results and greater benefits.

Love God, love yourself and each other. You can't go wrong.