A Phi A on the Yard! / by The Black Lex Luthor

I love my A Phi A. I truly do. Really being an old dog know, I have a
profound appreciation for my brotherhood. No matter the year, it is deep
in my heart, ingrained, chiseled, in the immortal walls of my soul. I
will never forget my what transpired for me as well as those that follow
my footsteps. I am glad to know these brothers who continue to walk
onward and upward toward the light.

So much has changed, and yet it remains the same. Back on Millikin's
campus, it's almost as if I don't recognize it. New buildings, new
businesses and new faces...so wonderful to see. Looks as if Decatur's
trying to become a true college town. Outstanding! Alas I am troubled
because Rich Dunsworth and many of his cohorts are threatening what we
have established here with A Phi A, and all we will do in the future.

I know my frat is strong and will always endure, but it looks like other
people are standing in our way. After speaking with the bruhs on the
yard, I find it really imperative that we see what needs to be done...

I love all my brothers, and I know that I will see many of you today.
Come represent and show your support if you can. 06!
Bro. Trenchant, Fall '97, Theta Omicron Chapter.
Marcelle D. Ward