Trippin' On the Past / by The Black Lex Luthor

Often I am reminded of the past, and I see the mistakes I have made all
roll out in some kind of mental parade, in no certain order, flashing
and spinning like police lights. I wonder if I have done the things I
should have, or just the things I wanted to. I think about "what if",
and contemplate the outcome.

I realize when I have finished enjoying the parade, tears or jeers,
nothing can be changed or regained. I was watching the movie "G" and I
was inspired to write this. Not just because of the outcome of the
movie, but the dilemma the protagonist was faced with. If you could
regain what was lost long ago, are you willing to handle the
consequences? Or, is love all we need, as people say? Is there always
that condition that is left unsaid, that if it is not met, love is out
the door?

The past is concrete, the present is malleable, and the future
intangible. I believe in love, and its strength. But to dwell on the
past love until it consumes the present, will inevitably corrupt the
future. So if you must visit the past, don't wear out your welcome. Make
it a short trip.

God bless.
Marcelle D. Ward