Ellecram Draw's Journal: The Rough Woman / by The Black Lex Luthor

05/18/09 08:28 am:
In the dream I was in a room full of people, like a party. I was seated
on the couch next to a woman, beautiful and rough in her speech. Her
voice grew coarse as she spoke, yet it drew me in. There was another
woman who was seated on the couch at the opposite side. Her words were
indistinct, but she was talking to me. I could only pay attention to the
rough woman, though. She talked and I listened, drawn into her embrace.
As we were about to kiss, I recognized her for the demon she was, and I
pushed her down into the couch. Her eyes were lightening and she
screamed thunder as the room flickered. Then, nothing. It was morning
and I could hear|see rustling against the door. Rushing to it, I was
relieved to make out the sound of mail being deposited. No sooner than I
had realized such, there was a ring on my phone. Crossing the room, past
the couch, I saw that it was a text message, in bold, which read: I
know. A couple spaces down there was an unread message as well, in
bold, which was but one word: Marcel. Whoever had sent it did not know
me well enough to spell my name correctly. But the message was clear
enough. "Marcel. I know."

Upon awakening my head was pounding; a strange and powerful ache that
forced me to realize the dream meant something. It was a message, or an
omen. I don't believe in coincidence. Something is about to happen...
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