The Quiet Storm / by The Black Lex Luthor

"A quiet storm, blowing, through my life...". What's that like? Storms
are of course loud and often dangerous, but I am supposed to imagine it
without the boom? Maybe Smokey was talking about some crazy lady that
brought excitement to his world for a moment and then she was outta here
like Vladimir. All flash and glow and wondrous wind, caressing his
imagination to behold a woman's beautiful ways...

Maybe she is my quiet storm, new and strong and alive, but soon to die
away to make room for another. Very interesting, that concept. I have
had the song in my head all day, accompanying a pinched nerve in my back
and a need for sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be another song and the same

I am finding a lot of freedom and I feel exceptional as far as utilizing
my talents is concerned. So alive and full of potential. Glad God hasn't
taken anything away. Hopefully the use of my gifts isn't a quiet storm
as well, here tonight and gone tomorrow.