Endure / by The Black Lex Luthor

The theme for this weekend has to be "Endure".

When I was driving up this way it was storming like crazy, and it was
late at night. I was having a hard time seeing, but I pushed through. At
one point I felt I might need to pullover and wait for a time till it
passed; never happened. I endured that bit of weather to reach my
destination safely.

Saturday was the dance production for "Endure", a not-for-profit company
that takes those gifted with dance and puts them together to present
that gift to God. It was about 2 hours of dancing with no intermission.
Frenetic and intense, it made me think that the name Endure was not
chosen by coincidence. These performers went hard, quickly changing
between sets, seemingly giving their all for God and their talent.

Therefore I am reminded that I have endured; that I must continue to
endure. That I must be patient if I am to claim the prize that God has
for me. He has a woman for me. A beautiful, loving Christian woman that
will be like the rib attached to my spine. He has a home for me. He has
a car for me. I will be victorious in my quest for better health. I will
find all that I need in HIM.

I fear not the future. It is something that will happen. I can only
partly influence it with my actions. Some things are out of my control,
such as other people and their ways and actions. So I move forward, no
matter what, knowing I have a destiny in JESUS CHRIST, trusting Him to
set the crooked things straight. I will ENDURE what comes, and pray that
I am able to stand against my enemies to create a brighter future for

Marcelle D. Ward