The Evolution: D. Swaine / by The Black Lex Luthor

It has been a while since I have sent a message to this blog, but I am
in good spirits. I am finding so much out about myself that I can only
smile and know God is gracious and merciful, and He has so much in store
for me. I am ever grateful for that.

Forgiveness comes to me in a way that I think may be hard for others. It
is easy for me to forgive folks now and I see how stress free I am in my
life. I recall my ex saying something about me not adding my misery to
hers, but she misunderstood me. See, I am never miserable. I am ever
HOPEFUL. Just cause I am disappointed in someone does not make me
miserable. Just because I have no money does not make me miserable. No
job; not miserable. And those of you who know me can attest that I have
not once shown, to any degree, any manner of depression.

I can be upset at someone and still go about my day because I have that
in my heart; the capacity to forgive and love and be compassionate. I
found that my gifts make me happy and using them alleviates any worry or
doubt. I often lose hours designing and creating, so much so that I feel
like I traversed another world. In a way I have, for I have found in me
the Comforter I so desired and he continues to aid me in my

D. Swaine is my pen name. From now on I will write under this pseudonym,
that is, if I produce any further literature. But I feel there will be
at least one more book. D. Swaine is also the image of the capacity of
power I have within; the inward manifestation of knowledge and wisdom.

I go forth now as a soldier waging war. I go into battle armed with the
Sword of Truth. My mind is that sword, where God makes all things

Marcelle D. Ward