The Happiness of Being Sad (What I Found) / by The Black Lex Luthor

Do you think of me as I do you,
As I would hope to dream to do
Knowing that our days have been few
Should I think to see it through?

If I could know of all I need
And see to where my thoughts might lead
A prison gone, prisoner freed
to avoid the pain, shame the bleed

But man I am, immortal not
the things I plan are soon forgot
Ideas are lost, I am caught
In seeking and not being sought

I think of you and I am glad
Of the thoughts we shared, times we had
Talking of the good and the bad
The happiness of being sad

So if there is more, if there's few
If we move on, or if we're through
I find I'm happy to pursue
Thoughts and dreams of loving you.

(I found that I have a fondness for sentimentality, and sadly it permits
me to be too forthcoming at times. But what can I say? Life kind of
pulls us along and we hit bumps in the road trying not to fall or let
go. Who knows what will happen next?

I have read that "there are other worlds than these". I feel that each
time I enter a new job, a new city, a new relationship, there is a new
world to explore. So, here I am again...wandering unexplored terrain.
This poem is both the new and the old me; I am freeing one to be the
Marcelle D. Ward