Light My Path / by The Black Lex Luthor

How soon I forget how much my sanity is worth. How precious my time is.
Honestly, I keep running into the same damn walls...I guess I kinda do
it to myself. Maybe it's Karma. Whatever it is, I think it has to stop.
I have to find a new answer to an old question to save myself the
trouble of being troubled with folks that don't wanna be around me or
find me bothersome. This morning I woke up in a bed with someone who
really didn't want me there. My pride would like to know why, but
another part of me wants not to give a damn. I am leaning towards the

I guess moving on from relationships is becoming easier. The older I
get, the more cynical I become. I would like to believe I will find a
good thing but I know it's kinda what you make it. It looks as if I
don't want to be in a relationship, when the truth is I would love one.
I just don't want to settle. And I don't wanna be with someone who
thinks they are settling. I want someone to care for me with all my
inconsistencies attached. I want to be able to look at that person and
feel like they love me most; second only to God.

So here we go. On to another realm; another wacky world wrought with woe
and wonder where we witness willingness weeping wildly. (I love
alliteration!) I am willing to let God show me my mistakes and light my
Marcelle D. Ward