Obviously, Noticeably / by The Black Lex Luthor

Still I was thinking sometime ago about the inevitability of a thought
A thought driven by her in drunken abandon, swerving madness merging
Then crashing the guard rails in my skull, a wrecking so wrought
Then another sped along laughing, her wide eyes wild and urging
Laughter as our courses ran parallel, I knew of her before my real self
Revealed self, my Age crying, grasping for the history of adolescence
So I could avoid that coming calamity, invariably reveal help
The real kept in a closet: dark. Should I pray for omnipresence?

I need you to know that you are the blaring melody
In my crooked steps home, my eyes on your kiss
Wishing love looked so impressive, it looks like this
It looks like a wish of all the wishes; Displeasure’s elegy

A reminder of madness if I ever knew of such clever pain
I endeavor to abstain, to avoid, to run away claiming ignorance
Gained. Why do you love me? Are we to play this game
And follow some set rules made of Fools of Fame and Innocence
Named? I shan’t. I can’t. I mean, make me believe God grants
Justice and keeps the faithful free. We have faith, don’t we?
These days, these meetings, your voice in my ear is not by chance
Leaving our desire known to see what others won’t see.

I need you to know I’ve grown and I’m thinking presently
Of your hand in mine, and we are shopping for grocery
And we will return to our new place of residency
And we are in sync, obviously, noticeably.

And we are in sync
And what do you think?
Is it obvious? Noticeably so?
Do we look as if we know something they don't know?