The Stars, Your Voice / by The Black Lex Luthor

What I love about life is that it is so full of surprises. I could never guess what would happen to me next. I think that's much of the joy that we seem to take for granted. I believe that if we stop to see just how much we should be thankful for, the world be a happier place. Yet we heap misery upon one another, stacking pain like cinder blocks. And when Love comes unannounced as it is accustomed to, will we be buried too deep in the pain to reach out welcome it in?

And the stars look like diamonds glittering in the heavens
my eyes glowing gratefully caught
staring at many dreams, the wishes of my brethren
keepsakes knowing for what they were bought

And now I spend a fortune on you and your smile making
emptying my pockets in earnest mirth
giving it all; it's all there for the taking
my gratitude, my adoration's worth

Going toward love is possibly a fool's errand performed
whilst silly songs play steadily on
It is a dangerous occupation as I was warned
My mind slips and is readily gone

Yet for you, for you, for you I would remain lost
little by some chance gather pity
them throwing their change for me to regain cost
I am centered in your treasured city.

And a voice sounds like chimes ringing in the heavens
my ears knowing, graciously sought
against many lies, clouded and irreverent
that Reason, Love, and what you taught.