Liquidating the Cares Causing Corruption / by The Black Lex Luthor

Living languid in a fantasy world
The pictures placate lies abandoned, they will soon gather in
Cryptic posturing abroad, in the mirrors they pretend
Catching glimpses that describe how much money was made
Crushing codgers thumbing at their pill bottles, naked

Lighting laughter, sketches of dream gateways angled
The pleated monuments caught and frozen in mind
Centering on the sound leaving my life, those words wait,
Carrying meaning across the solar system to escape
Cataclysm, the breath taking, wasted but once sacred

Looking like an imbecile, my pretensions are jagged and heavy like bricks
The crown of genius dropped and I survey the release of my ego
Captain of a ship doomed to disaster one day, like all
Costs me nothing but affords a lock on reality
Contain, contract your lucid act, cock the gun on your favorite.

Leave me be
Thank you for noticing
Common are those almond eyes lurking alone
Concoct some building block that creates a shield
Creating a prison of a promising home