G Craige Lewis / by The Black Lex Luthor

I was checking out this hip-hop group called Hazakim and I got onto this clarkyboy.com website once again, revisiting another issue with what's holy and what's not. People, come on.

Let me comment on this G Craige Lewis thing and I'll be done. This is getting old...

This is laughable. Honestly, I have been saved for years. I am not perfect, nor do I profess to be. I have my own sin issues just like everyone else, but I take the Word of God seriously from a teaching standpoint. If I am speaking to someone that is not telling me the whole truth and just pieces, then I am going to be skeptical. What I don't understand is why are you Christians accepting part of Craige's sermon and ignoring the portion where he has obviously distorted the facts? Everyone wants to spout all these nice scriptures and talk about what he is saying is "truth" when he has things wrong. What is that about?

People looking for something to believe in. Anything. Anything that seems like it is sound doctrine. That's why we have so many offshoots of Christianity. We can't even agree how to worship God, anyway. Everybody wants to say their way is right and that's wrong and "oh, that's the devil" because you can't relate. Dude, are you serious? I guess I can call my artwork "devil inspired" because they don't have the image of Christ in them. Or, my poetry is of the devil because I don't always talk about God. Y'all must be joking. This is some silly stuff. If you want to call a duck a duck, make sure it's not a platypus first.

You say you want truth, but it's obvious you want a scapegoat. Someplace to lay blame. We are in the world but not of it, so why do we need to lay blame on anything in the world? We need to turn the eyes to our innermost being.

Let me address this...
"People often focus on the man instead of the message. We look for reasons to discredit a person rather than examining there words for the truth. What these brothers don't realize is that Craig G Lewis is not a " hiphop head" so to speak. So he doesn't have the same source of information as someone that is a part of the culture. Does his slight inaccuracies make his words false? Let’s talk about truth. No real hiphop insider considers Kool Herc to be solely the father of hiphop." -D. Davis

What? Really? You serious? People lie all the time. Their messages are like poison. The bible even says that the tongue is one of the worst offenders. So why would I want to look at the message? People talk about what these pastors say like it's the end-all-be-all, but they can't say who this man really is in his heart. Test the heart, the inner being, then you will see what's real. People hide their real intentions all the time. The Anti-Christ, when he appears, will be one such person. So, for real, test the man and not the message. The message can always be a front, but the inner being does not lie.

That's all I'm saying. So, if you want to judge hip-hop, make sure you judge the elements of who you are as well as the person who is rapping. I'm tired of this debate. Look to put blame on the individual and his doings rather than just the words and messages he is saying. The world is full of talkers and slanderers. Action is what is needed. Follow the acts and test the heart.

I'm out.