IS GOD REAL? / by The Black Lex Luthor

How do you know God is real?

Step outside. Notice the sky. You may or may not see clouds, but you can see how vast it is, how beautiful it is to know that people you’ve never even met are possibly looking up at that same great space. Whether night or day, it is an awesome feeling. Look at the trees, and how they grow tall and strong. Green leaves that filter the air so that we may breathe it. The birds chirp, wolves howl. The sun beams and the moon glows. There are stars so distant that if we ever made our way to them they would have already burnt out, twinkling and shimmering like diamonds.

Look in the mirror. Do you ever notice how unique you are, that your composition is different than anyone who has come before you? Even if you are a twin, you know that you are different. It’s a feeling you have inside that says “I am more than my physical appearance” leading you to believe that no one can duplicate who you are. Your hair, your teeth and your very fingerprints are all different from anyone else ever created. It is remarkable that we exist here, on this planet, in families that love and care for us.

You can see pictures of the world we live in. From the Amazon Rain Forest to the Grand Canyon, it is all so amazing. The oceans are teeming with life, some of which have not even been discovered. We have food in abundance, grown from the very ground we stand upon. There are great monuments that have been built, such as the Giza pyramids that cannot be duplicated by any scientific means. We are a diverse species whose distinct characteristics complement the environments we originate from, yet we are intelligent enough to find a way to live in any area of the globe.
This is NOT by chance. There is a reason for all that we see and hear and do. I know God is REAL because I feel it deep down in my soul every time I look at my sisters and brothers. Each time I kiss the woman I love, I feel his presence. When I talk to my granny, I know he’s present. Hugging my father, I can feel his arms around us. Looking in my mother’s eyes, I can see God looking back at me.

See, for me, belief is not a choice. Atheists talk about not being able to believe in something they can’t see, but that’s foolishness. I guess you don’t believe in air, then? Or, how about microwaves or radio waves? Do they not exist just because we can’t see them with our eyes? Why is it that some human beings can’t stand not being able to know everything? Why can’t you just be humble enough to say, “Well, I don’t know everything. I guess God could exist.” There’s no shame in that. Matter of fact, that’s a more intelligent affirmation than, “I don’t believe in what I can’t see.”

You know what? I believe as human we expect everything to be laid out for us. We think it all has to be simple and understood and there’s no deviating from the reality presented to us. I recall reading in my history books as an adolescent that man was convinced the earth was flat for a long time. Then, someone proved them wrong by sailing around the globe. Now, if someone were to say that the earth was flat they would be regarded as ninnies and dummkopfs. All I’m saying is think about it: how could all this exist without a benevolent creator. A creator with a grand design for us. A design we can’t fathom, but must have faith to follow.