Live to Learn/ Another Answer / by The Black Lex Luthor

The axiom “Live and learn” holds so true. How amazing is it that God allows us to live here and experience the trials and tribulations that the Earth has to offer. On this great ball of water and dust, spinning through space at thousands of miles an hour, we are afforded the blessing of love and family, of an amazing God that loves us despite our sin nature. We travel through days, quickly, learning all we need to survive on along the way. It can’t be a coincidence that we are here, at this time in history. We are witnessing a change that is profound.

Yet, amidst the beauty there is a great ugliness that sits upon the world like an ink blot on a white sheet of paper. A stain so deep I wonder if we can be cleansed of it. Then I think, “It’s not for me to wonder”, for God will answer all in time. He will address the horrors that we cower from when he comes back. No matter when that is, I am comforted by the fact that I will be with God in the afterlife. I am ever faithful, because I know that in the end He is all that can save me. He is all that I have. When all else fails me, He is there. So I am happy to look to Him in times of great happiness and pitiful sorrow.

Walk tall and proceed as warriors. There is no room for weakness anymore. Protect your faith and guard your heart, for the Bible says it is the most precious of all. Pray for me as I pray for you.