The Beautiful Truth / by The Black Lex Luthor

To God I must go, to be finally free. Sometimes I think I am not long for this world. Other times, I believe I can overcome. I know I have said this quite often, a very recurring theme, but I am just now getting to the point where I feel strong enough to step forward and become the man I have dreamed to be. REALLY. Last night I watched a movie called The Beautiful Truth. It was a documentary about the human diet, and how the way we eat can cure a lot of the health problems we face. They were talking at length about MSG and how it leads to more health concerns, most importantly cancer. At the same time, they were speaking about how cancer could be cure by using the Gerson method of holistic healing. This method of healing had been proved to work by Gerson by many tests and subjects that were terminal cancer patients. The results of these tests were hidden and ridiculed because there was no money in it. If there was no profit to be made, then there was every effort to make pharmaceutical and chemical companies look like the saviors by promoting their cures.

Now I am forced to take a look at my own health and begin eating better. It’s time to heal myself and begin the process of becoming a whole being. Because if the things Gerson said were true, then we are in big trouble. Socially, mentally and emotionally we must liberate ourselves so that we don’t fall victim to big business and their capitalism fueled homicidal rampage.