Feeling Something... / by The Black Lex Luthor

Been a year already. God is good. I wake up in the morning these days thinking that I have the inherent power to overcome anything that comes my way. The problem is that no matter what I think, the world gets in the way. No matter where I go, there I am, still struggling through just trying to be more than what I was made of, and I believe I fail miserably at every turn.

But God is merciful.

I get up and pray each day that I will pursue the path that will lead to my enlightenment. I wish to walk the way Jesus did, living an ascetic life and showing love to my fellow man. Yet I don't know if I even have it in me.

I ask my God to guide me, the lonely, pathetic man that I am, towards a greater understanding of myself and my situation. I am glad he makes me suffer through it, all the way, because at least I feel something. Feeling something is better than nothing at all, sometimes.