That Dreams Again / by The Black Lex Luthor

Think of how overly sad it seems to be tragically caught up in a memory
That takes it time draining you of yours, lingering and loving as it so pleases
touching your face and holding your hand, never really being there but there nonetheless,
making the days nervous so that the nights tremble, and you can’t shake the longing
A broken smile so crystalline, shining thin and ghostly and gone
Is a dream that dreams again, laughing that seems like a song

A memory made, a thought trickling to a cascade of wondering about
Sorrowful intimate notes that were once known to inspire adoration
Living the truth is living a lie is loving somehow watching a cloud filled sky
Casting a somber canopy that is a mirror to my mood, so I’m wishing I could fly
A careful kiss that is warm, is soft, something I carry with me as I walk
Is a dream that dreams again, and the tears pour from my heart.