The Cup of Water / by The Black Lex Luthor

I was talking to my boy yesterday, and he relayed a story to me that he had heard from his marriage counselor, who just happened to be a chaplain. The chaplain said that he wanted his congregation to really understand the message he was trying to convey, so he decided to give them a visual aid. He picked up a glass and put water into it. He then picked up the cup and held his hand out. The chaplain motioned for a young boy to come to the pulpit and shake the arm that held the cup of water. The boy, more than eager to comply, walked up to the pulpit and shook his arm vigorously. Of course, the water spilled out from the cup. With that done, the chaplain asked his congregation: “Why did the water fall out of the cup?”

Many answered that it fell out because the boy shook it. Others gave outlandish answers that were far from the mark. After asking quite a few people, the chaplain decided to give them the answer, which was simply this: The water spilled from the cup because it was there in the first place.

See, it mattered not what was in the cup. When someone shakes the cup, its contents will come spilling out. What he was trying to say is that what’s inside of us will come out when we are tested. What was really inside, good or bad, will show when we are faced with trouble or adversity.

Just thought I’d share that one with y’all. Have a good day.