The Standing / by The Black Lex Luthor

Something darker than this I've seen
warped bits of a dream

a black man now shamed
once thought of as kings
these days glorified thugs and thieves
like we trying to steal
what was stolen 400 years past

Darker dreams that still persist
where a black family can't be just that
Love and care; all that were wished
Inflated thoughts that have fallen flat

Being a man I am black, so I feel so beside myself
I can't turn back pages lost,
pages burned,
can't read the words to tell you
what I've learned.

Something darker than this I've seen

Oh, now he's a man. "what do you mean?"
I don't know if I do enough, still in between
a woman I love, a promise, a ring
Still can't give you everything.

I fight for a day to be understood
that though I'm black, I certainly ain't hood
I want a love, a life afforded all that I should
but if I didn't fall down how would I know that I stood?