Idols / by The Black Lex Luthor

I always find a way. No matter what, I'm never down for long. Life, with its fucking complicated twists and turns can be terribly jarring for the one affixed to the life he leads. Sometimes, you have to give yourself a bit of distance from what your life is in order to see what it can become.

What I mean is that you can't be so attached to everything and be too comfortable to make changes. Sometimes, life won't give you warnings; it will upset your livelihood in a blink. Holding on too much, too tightly, will make letting go that much harder.

There should be no other idols before the one God. We make idols out of those things that usurp God's importance in our lives. If you would rather smoke weed than read the Bible or go to church or if you hold your shoe collection a bit too dear to your heart, then those things have become idols.

Be cautious. You will find it difficult to see the truth of God if you are spending time on things that are inconsequential.